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The FIAT Register was established in 1954 and caters for all FIAT’s and OM’s produced before 1940, and for the Topolino 500’s with four cylinders, water-cooled, up to 1955.  Parallel Simca built cars are also eligible.

The Register can frequently provide information of a technical nature and assist with the location of spares.  It also assists by introducing members of similar cars to each other for mutual assistance. More recently the Register assists members with the recovery of Period and Original Registration Numbers for restored cars and is an approved Club with the DVLA for providing Dating Certificates. 

A Bulletin, in magazine form, is published approximately quarterly with reports of member’s activity, spares, events, historical information etc.  Available spares, cars for sale and wants are also advertised.

From time to time events are organised; some of a gently competitive nature and some of a purely social nature.


The Register is also in touch with a number of Fiat clubs around the globe and we are often invited to take part in their events.

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The Register is financed by member’s subscriptions, which are currently £20 per annum.  

The Membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st 

For Membership, Technical and DVLA enquiries please contact one of the following members of the Register:

Fiat Register Secretary: Richard Patten 


Fiat Register President: Alan Cameron
Fiat Register Treasurer: Heather Cameron 


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